Someone To Confide In

Another day, another blog 🙂

I’m sure you’ll grow tired of my posts, but I will press on! LOL

I’ve been talking to my little sister most of the day today and we mentioned the joy behind having people to relate to. We talk on this subject frequently; not only having someone to relate to but having someone to confide in whom we trust. Trust, for me, does not come easy at all and you may be like me as well. In addition I have many times felt misunderstood and unable to really find others to relate to. When we finally do find others we can trust fully, confide in and relate to, it gives us such a sense of comfort, peace and happiness. Those people are assuredly not taken for granted by us!

I believe blogging is an outlet in which people find others across the world that they can relate to. They may not know them very well, but they can read their writings and relate on personal levels. There is almost a sense of reassurance when you read someone else’s feelings and thoughts and realize, “hey, I’m not alone!” We get the same feeling from a select few in our lives as well, if we’re lucky enough to have people like in our lives! I am blessed to have a few people whom I can trust with anything. I can call them to vent to, laugh with, cry with or even just talk about nothing at all! I could not imagine my life without these individuals as they play a big role in my daily life.

It’s hard for me to type this out knowing that out there someone feels that all-consuming feeling of loneliness. They feel alone and cannot put their trust in anyone. They feel no one can relate to them. They may have no one or they may be surrounded by people who love them, but still they will feel these nagging feelings of isolation. I understand it can be a part of life; a process some of us go through. I wish no one had to feel that way. Many times, even with people around me, I would feel that way. I would be overwhelmed by these feelings that I was different and unable to really connect with another individual. A lot of times I believe we are under the impression that we are the only ones who feel not only these feelings but that we are the only ones going through the tough times we are. That’s why I’m such an advocate on being an open book and living as transparent as possible. I’m not implying to share your every waking moment, but sharing our struggles and feelings with those around us can give others that same sense of comfort and peace within. At the very least, if you can’t find that person, BE that person for someone!

I pray for all of you out there to have at least one person whom you can come to trust and come to about anything and everything. A person who brings a light of positivity to your life and even causes you to be overcome by joy just from simply talking to them or being in their presence. A person you can always look forward to chatting with or meeting up with. If you don’t have someone like that, I pray for God to lead them to you and your life! I would also like to point out that God can be that person for ANYONE. It may sound outlandish to some, but you can have a relationship like that with God. He is a constant; always there for you to confide in and trust. He is a constant source of peace, comfort and joy!

Much love and God bless! ❤