Free To Trust

I apologize for failing to post yesterday! Our second year of home schooling is starting today, so I was gathering and organizing the last materials! This post will be a continuation of the soul therapy sermon series I have been listening to and taking notes from. As you could probably already figure out, the subject is trust.

The definition of trust: A firm belief in the liability, ability or strength of someone or something.


I have to add, before I start, that this verse just happens to be a special one for me! I have a friend back home who always reminded me of a couple of verses and this was a big one he never forgot to repeat often ❀ Just wanted to throw that little tidbit out there 😜

If you’ve never read the book of Proverbs, you’re missing out! I personally like many of the verses from that book. Solomon is the one who wrote the book of Proverbs, so you can find many wise scriptures in there.

Trust is a learned behavior. We can see trust occur naturally, usually in the beginning stages of our lives or another, through the relationship of a mother and child. Trust tends to be established at infancy because this new child is helpless without trust. This trust is built upon 4 main things:

Provision: Mom provides the basic needs.

Security: Her touch provides comfort and security.

Intimacy: Her voice and presence express unconditional love.

Mutuality: As the child matures, love is reciprocated.

When there is no trust in our lives, we will ultimately live a life full of negativity. Trust is something we must all learn, at one time or another; it’s never too late to learn! If you can’t trust anyone, put your trust in God because He provides for us both spiritually and emotionally; He works from the inside out!


We can see that David was expressing hurt when he spoke about the rejection he felt from others and all the gossip and slander towards him, especially from those claiming to be his friends and even worse, family.

We all know, especially in times like now, that trust is not something we can easily give to others. I myself have a hard time putting trust in others; I’m very guarded. There are few people I completely trust, VERY few, but at least I can say there are those few that I can!Β  I know some may ask, how can I trust God when I can’t even trust anyone else in my life? We all struggle with trust because we have all been hurt, betrayed, lied to and backstabbed and our natural human response is to trust no one. Those who hurt you are also hurt themselves because only hurt people, hurt people!

Why should we trust God? Trust is the glue that holds everything else together! He is 100% committed to you and He is never too busy or preoccupied to be there for you, whenever or wherever!


In the scripture above, Moses reminds Joshua and Israel that God will always be there to go ahead of us. He will never fail to be there for us. He CAN be trusted.

The outcome of trusting God is:



Courage to face anything and everything. We will never have to be afraid because we know that God is for us and goes with us no matter the circumstance. Put your trust in the Lord, not man. For instance, a doctor may tell you you’ve only got a certain amount of life left to live or you have an incurable condition, but God may have different plans for your life, so put your trust in Him because with Him anything is possible! He can cure and has cured many who have been told they couldn’t be.



God put angels in charge over us. We all have an angel who watches over us; This is a promise from God.



That passage is so good we use it twice πŸ˜‰ Seek God before making any decisions in our lives.



God heals us spiritually through salvation. He heals us physically through “His stripes”. He heals us emotionally through all the hurt and rejection He himself faced. Many venture to say, but God doesn’t heal anymore, that was only back in biblical times but that is quite inaccurate. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! We have taken for granted many miracles of life all around us. Nothing and I mean, NOTHING is too big for God to heal!



Usually we tend to view prosperity in the form of financial blessings. You have everything you need with some leftover and we should always use that leftover to bless others and bring honor to God.




If we put our trust in God, we see the trouble/difficulty yet we look beyond and keep our eyes on God! This doesn’t mean that in trusting God there will be an absence of conflict in our lives, but we will have the assurance during those times that all will be alright because God is for us and goes before us; we’ll be bigger and better for this! When we trust in Him, we will do more and experience more all we need to do is settle our trust issue.

I pray that all of us resolve any trust issues in our lives. I struggle with trust as I am sure many others do, and I pray that God continues to always prove to me and all of you why trust is worth giving. Sometimes if we close ourselves off we never take the risk of trusting someone and that someone may just have a pivotal role in our life. We may miss out on more blessings from God when we choose not to trust but play it safe by hiding our hearts away. May we all put our full trust in God and believe that He is who He says He is and He will do what He says He will do!

Much Love and God Bless πŸ’š

Someone To Confide In

Another day, another blog πŸ™‚

I’m sure you’ll grow tired of my posts, but I will press on! LOL

I’ve been talking to my little sister most of the day today and we mentioned the joy behind having people to relate to. We talk on this subject frequently; not only having someone to relate to but having someone to confide in whom we trust. Trust, for me, does not come easy at all and you may be like me as well. In addition I have many times felt misunderstood and unable to really find others to relate to. When we finally do find others we can trust fully, confide in and relate to, it gives us such a sense of comfort, peace and happiness. Those people are assuredly not taken for granted by us!

I believe blogging is an outlet in which people find others across the world that they can relate to. They may not know them very well, but they can read their writings and relate on personal levels. There is almost a sense of reassurance when you read someone else’s feelings and thoughts and realize, “hey, I’m not alone!” We get the same feeling from a select few in our lives as well, if we’re lucky enough to have people like in our lives! I am blessed to have a few people whom I can trust with anything. I can call them to vent to, laugh with, cry with or even just talk about nothing at all! I could not imagine my life without these individuals as they play a big role in my daily life.

It’s hard for me to type this out knowing that out there someone feels that all-consuming feeling of loneliness. They feel alone and cannot put their trust in anyone. They feel no one can relate to them. They may have no one or they may be surrounded by people who love them, but still they will feel these nagging feelings of isolation. I understand it can be a part of life; a process some of us go through. I wish no one had to feel that way. Many times, even with people around me, I would feel that way. I would be overwhelmed by these feelings that I was different and unable to really connect with another individual. A lot of times I believe we are under the impression that we are the only ones who feel not only these feelings but that we are the only ones going through the tough times we are. That’s why I’m such an advocate on being an open book and living as transparent as possible. I’m not implying to share your every waking moment, but sharing our struggles and feelings with those around us can give others that same sense of comfort and peace within. At the very least, if you can’t find that person, BE that person for someone!

I pray for all of you out there to have at least one person whom you can come to trust and come to about anything and everything. A person who brings a light of positivity to your life and even causes you to be overcome by joy just from simply talking to them or being in their presence. A person you can always look forward to chatting with or meeting up with. If you don’t have someone like that, I pray for God to lead them to you and your life! I would also like to point out that God can be that person for ANYONE. It may sound outlandish to some, but you can have a relationship like that with God. He is a constant; always there for you to confide in and trust. He is a constant source of peace, comfort and joy!

Much love and God bless! ❀