The Plague of Worry


What good does worry do? What positive impact does it have on us and our state of affairs? How fast does it speed up our current predicament? Will it change the outcome of any problem?

Answers to the test: Worry doesn’t do any good. Worry offers no positive impact. Worry does not change the timeline in any way and has no say in the outcomes of our issues. In short, what is worry good for?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! (Yes, I DID say that using my best Edwin Starr impression).

In all seriousness, why worry? If you’re similar to me, you can agree with these points and still feel unable to refrain from worrying. To me, someone telling me not to worry is equivalent to telling me not to breathe; worry has played such a tremendous role in my life. Why is it that we can recognize and acknowledge worry for what it is, yet we allow it so much power and control over our lives? It honestly doesn’t do us any good, and if anything it only adds to our problems. Worrying can even lead to the unfolding of events that wouldn’t have even occurred otherwise. When we worry we only cause ourselves more turmoil. It’s unnecessary, yet we can’t help but do it.

As a Christian, I have faith in God yet my worrying isn’t a very good example of the strength of my faith. If I say I believe in God and still continue to worry and obsess over certain problems in my life, how much faith do I really put in Him? I wholeheartedly believe God protects me and wants what is best for me in my life. He works everything together for the good of my life. So why do I still worry? I feel I waste so much time worrying and I could be spending that time immersing myself in my bible studies or even sharing my faith and views with others. I could be making a difference in someone else’s life instead of focusing on what I cannot change in my own life. I conclude that focusing on more positive things we could do, and have the ability to do, will allow us less time to worry. Also, who doesn’t enjoy getting lost in a good book? I can think of no better book to get lost in! The Bible can give us the reassurance, comfort and confidence boost that we desperately need in our times of worry. It can help us understand how worry doesn’t serve any purpose in our lives and even aid us in leaving it behind. I struggle all the time with leaving it behind; it has a way of sneaking up on you! Still, I do strive to rid of it little by little and reprogram my thought process. When I start to feel like worry is overtaking me and my thoughts, I pray and ask God to fill my mind with positive things; thoughts that will be more beneficial to my life!

I FULLY understand it is MUCH easier said than done! I tell people that frequently! However, attempting is one of the easiest things we can do. We can at least try to rid ourselves of worry, even if little by little. Worry is a natural response to things we endure or are enduring, but we don’t have to allow it to take up a permanent residence in our lives!

I pray that everyone out there can take the first step and try to rid themselves of worry. I want all of us to have that confidence to order it away from us and stand our ground when it comes creeping back in! I want us to reverse the negative and replace it with positive. When we start to worry, let us ask ourselves those questions at the beginning of this blog. What good is it doing? What is it changing? Instead, let us ask ourselves what can we be doing to better ourselves, our situation or to better someone else’s life? What is something positive we can be doing with our time and energy. Time is a precious gift that is often taken for granted…do we really want to waste it on worry?

Much love and God Bless ๐Ÿ’š

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