Empty Cup

Today I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have had a lot on my mind and I’m not sure where this post will lead, but I will just go whenever it leads.

I’m tired, pregnant, a wife and a mom of 2 younger boys…that should explain a lot lol but in addition to all of that, dealing with your average stressful situations can some days be overwhelming, especially for someone who is prone to worry and stress. Some days I feel I could take on the world, while others I feel I can barely get out of bed. Some days the boys play together wonderfully and other days they like to pester each other.  Certain times I can get my house work done while most of the time I can get only parts done, if any at all. I can be extremely hard on myself and set too many expectations for myself as well. I feel the need to always get every thing done at once and I tend to overload myself. I think many of us mothers can have a tendency to overwork ourselves; we put too much on our plates and then feel like a failure of we didn’t get it all done. We are constantly working so you would assume we would cut ourselves some slack!

Although I lack a self-care routine, I find that it is a great idea if you can manage the time. Take a few moments to recharge and take care of yourself. Doing something for yourself seems so foreign to me; I am the one who takes care of everyone. I don’t just take care of my immediate family, but I am always there for any other family members or friends who need me, no matter the time or how busy I am or even how stressed or anxious I am; I make sure I help them all, even if they wouldn’t or don’t do the same! In a way it’s flattering and honoring to have so many people look to you in their times of need, but sometimes we have to be “selfish”, in a good way! If we don’t take care of our own needs occasionally, we won’t be able to effectively take care of the ones we love.

My prayer today is for anyone feeling overwhelmed and spread too thin! I pray that you are able to take a step back, breathe, recharge, re-center and get back at it with more confidence and less stress. May you tell yourself it’s alright if not every thing gets done in one hour or even one day! I pray you allow yourself to prioritize and come up with practical solutions that will alleviate your amount of anxiety, stress and worry.

Much love and God Bless ❤



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