The Fool

IMG_20180614_052524_527I posted this very early this morning, little did I know I would be the one who needed it most today! Often times things I blog on here I am addressing others but ALWAYS myself as well! Today has felt like a wonky day for me and I have felt my anger and frustrations getting the best of me. I could blame it on being pregnant and hormonal but that would be an easy excuse; I own and admit my faults in order to try to learn from them and grow!

I mentioned multiple times today that I believe someone, somewhere is trying to push me over the edge! I am not one to let things get to me too much, although I have short fuses in few areas, I still usually let it roll off. Now, if I get pushed so far, I will make it known 😱

Lately, I feel there are ridiculous and unnecessary events occurring that have caused such deep aggravation; just keep stewing inside of me. All these things seem so trivial when I actually sit and think about them, yet they’re nagging! I’m “doing the practical” (as my Uncle Tim would say) when it comes to solving the issues, but I’m irritated I even have to worry about these things. I’m very confident that in the end it’ll all have worked out for the best, but in the meantime I am working to be my usual self and brush it all off!

Having all this frustration built up lately has made it easier for me to get mad about little, meaningless stuff! It has made me jump to conclusions and assume things and I realize…that’s not seeing the light or the positive in the day/days, it’s taking that easy way out and focusing on the negative and letting it start to slowly take over. One negative thought leads to another and another and them it snowballs!

Today, I feel like a fraud for making that post and not putting my own words to practice! I feel ashamed for that fact alone, but also for letting my anger and temper get the best of me. I keep seeing and hearing a verse in my mind and I’ll post it below!

That last one says it all! Today my actions and words have been foolish…probably no different from the very foolishness I am irritated about! I can sit and attempt to convince myself that certain foolish behavior is different than the next, but is it really? I know better and I should always be striving to be better!

Everyone has their bad moments or days or even weeks and unfortunately years in some cases! Whatever category you fall into, I pray for you and what you’re going through. I pray that if you have current built up anger and frustration, you are able to give it to God and move forward without dwelling or stewing! Don’t sweat the small stuff! Whether small or big issues, God always provides solutions if you listen and follow His direction. I pray for all of us to let the negative go so it doesn’t start weighing us down and stealing our happiness and overall joy! Let us all be slow to anger! πŸ™Œ

Much Love and God Bless! πŸ’š

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